MannPlastic M535A Dispenser
MannPlastic M535A Dispenser


MannPlastic M535A Dispenser

M535A simple ring pump with metalized finishing same as M535 is one of the most common Manplastic dispensers with 24mm ring. The dispenser is suitable for all kinds of liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, lotion, and the like.

At a glance

MannPlastic M535A Dispenser

Suitable for:Lotion - Liquid Soap - Dishwashing Liquid - Cream - Shaving Gel - All kinds of gels
Ring Size:24 mm
Ring Type:smooth - Metallize
Output Debbie:1.5 cc
Weight:From 19.4 to 21.5, Without Straw
Colors:Unlimited and varied in the combination of colors according to customer demands
Straw:On Demand