MannPlastic M540A Dispenser
MannPlastic M540A Dispenser


MannPlastic M540A Dispenser

The Manplastic M540A dispenser is the best dispenser for shampoo. The special shape of the nozzle of this dispenser is designed for the size and directed output of the material. M540 dispenser with metal plating is the right choice for shampoo, cream, dishwashing liquid, liquid soap and so on.

At a glance

MannPlastic M540A Dispenser

Suitable for:Lotion - Liquid Soap - Dishwashing Liquid - Cream - Cleansing milk
Ring Size:24 mm
Ring Type:smooth - Metallize
Output Debbie:1.5 cc
Weight (without straw):23.5 gram
Colors:Unlimited and varied in the combination of colors according to customer demands
Straw:On Demand