MannPlastic M546A Dispenser
MannPlastic M546A Dispenser


MannPlastic M546A Dispenser

The M546A has the plastic of the M546, but the color can be plated to create a shiny metallic effect with a variety of metal surfaces. This pump is suitable for pumping liquid soap, shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, dishwashing liquid and the like.

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MannPlastic M546A Dispenser

Suitable for:Lotion - Liquid Soap - Shampoo - Dishwashing Liquid - Cream - Shaving Gel - Cleansing milk - All kinds of gels
Ring Size:28 mm
Ring Type:smooth - Metallize
Output Debbie:1.8 cc
Weight (without straw):19 gram
Colors:Unlimited and varied in the combination of colors according to customer demands
Straw:On Demand