Lotion Pump M558A MannPlastic
Lotion Pump M558A MannPlastic


Lotion Pump M558A MannPlastic

The M558A pump has the same mechanism as the M558 and is ideal for lotions and creams, as well as for products such as gels, hair serums, cleansing milks, sunscreens, and the like. The ring of this pump is metallized with various types of metal plating.

At a glance

Lotion Pump M558A MannPlastic

Suitable for:Lotion - Cream - Shaving Gel - Shaving Foam - Cleansing milk - All kinds of gels
Ring Size:24 mm
Ring Type:smooth - Metallize
Output Debbie:0.14 cc
Cap:The declared weight is approximate and vary with weight of the cap. It is possible to provide the cap with different transparencies.
Weight:About 11.9 grams with cap and without straw
Colors:Unlimited and varied in the combination of colors according to customer demands
Straw:On Demand