Trigger Sprayer M873 Mannplastic
Trigger Sprayer M873 Mannplastic


Trigger Sprayer M873 Mannplastic

Manplastic M873 trigger pump with industrial design is very suitable for all types of applications and liquids such as salty glass, nano car wash liquid, car engine cleaner and the like.

Suitable for:Glass Cleaner - Carpet Stain Remover - Clothes stain remover - Insecticide - Car Polisher - Engine Cleaner - Surface Sanitizer
Ring Size:28 mm
Ring Type:Striped
Output Debbie:0.8 cc
Weight (without straw):19 gram
Nozzle spray modes:High Pressure Spray - Low pressure spray - Stream
Colors:Unlimited and varied in the combination of colors according to customer demands
Straw:On Demand

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